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It's 2008 and Duck is back! Again! This website is dedicated to all who were involved with my favourite radio station of the Eighties. For those listeners who tuned in on Sundays and Wednesdays this site should give you much to reminisce about. Those of you who never listened will hopefully enjoy the Duck sound. And those of you who worked on the station I give a big thank-you to.

2008 update - I've been honoured to be the custodian of the domain 'radioduck.com' since 1997. Well actually I just registered it 11 years ago before anyone else did. I lost it for a couple of years in 2002 but got it back. Now it's got to go to it's rightful owner. And about time too. (2013 update - someone else has got the domain now). So this Duck tribute site will now live forever at www.richcolour.com/radioduck. It may get a makeover, but actually the clips in wav format seem rather quaint! Right-click and Save them if your modern browser is getting moody.
Contact me on iamrichcolour@gmail.com if you like, or buy a house from me if you really want to make me smile!
Duck is back! Again!

Step down jingle 22"
Hallmark of quality 14"
FM - fairly mono 8"
Bill Mitchell 'All oldies' 7"
Duck mix 1 6"
Duck mix 2 5"
Duck mix 3 4"
Duck mix 4 7"
Jam cut 1 4"
Jam cut 2 3"
Sonovox 1 2"
Sonovox 2 2"
Squeeky 3"
Sung 2"
More chat, less music 6"
Bill Mitchell 'This is..' 2"
Radio Duck sonovox 1"
Tim Allen 'Tonight...' 6"
'Around the clock...' 17"
Bill Mitchell v/o 8"
60's Radio Duck sung 3"
Mailing address 12"
'We had our transmitter stolen...' 20"
'An all time low of British broadcasting (does anyone still use RealPlayer now?!)' 21"
Bill Mitchell music trail 52"
Sunshine, rain, sleet or snow... 7"
I am the God of hellfire! 7"
A moment away... 7"
South West Ealing 7"
Transmitter explosion 8"
Yellow Duck badge 36"
5 kilowatts of music power 15"
Another great offer 3"
The scratched FM 9"
The legend lives on 6"
A few Tim Allen links 1' 20"
5pm start and the evening's line-up 2' 40"


Transmission Date: 17th August 1986
A Sunday afternoon in North West London. Tuner is hot from a day's listening to the London pirate scene. Amongst the hiphop, soul and reggae of stations such as LWR, Kiss, Flashback, Joy and JBC, a different tune is being broadcast on 91FM. Frankie Goes To Hollywood. But this isn't Capital or Radio One. It's Gemma. Their last day of pirate transmission, and to make a point they're on 1125 AM aswell. Four o'clock is now upon us and they say goodbye. Shutdown.
End of story.

A few seconds passed. And Radio Duck begins.
The Chart Alternative
Radio Duck were providers of an alternative pirate sound. "All oldies, all the time on 89.9", "All feathers radio", "Duck Hot Hits" and "The Chart Alternative" were the catchphrases. They broadcast Sundays from 5 through to 9pm and Wednesdays 8 till 12. DJs were Stuart Price, Mike Peters, Tim Allen and others. Tim went on to sail the North Sea and presented for Radio Caroline 576 in 1987.
Hallmark of Quality - Radio Duck
The quality of Radio Duck was impressive. During ON-AIR time, the station consisted of a small transmitter, a 12 volt car battery, a car cassette player (modified), an aerial and a tree. The rig was on a timer so the station members could be safely down the pub in case the DTI fancied a raid. The shows were pre-recorded on 1/4" reel to reel tape, then copied to a C120 cassette. The cassette player played the left channel of side one, then auto-reversed to play the left channel of side two. Then it auto-reversed again to play the right channel of side one, and finally the right of side two. A whole four hours of broadcast from one cassette! Ingenious.
The jingles
Radio Duck broadcast on and off for about a year. During that time they played over 100 different jingles, trailers and voiceovers. Many were old 'Pams' jingles, with Tim Allen singing over the top of them, and the whole thing was then swamped in echo to hide the original words. Classic lines included "Sunshine, rain, sleet or snow, Duck gets raided!" and "...record decks that still wow because we haven't had them repaired." (Download the clips on the left of this page). 
"Forget about the phone number"
Radio Duck's mailing address was 83b Church Street, Stoke Newington, London N16 "...forget about the phone number 'cos we haven't got one". If you didn't want to write to the DJs you could meet them. Listeners were invited to the George Pub in Pinner to share a pint with them after the evening's broadcast!
During the last fortnight of '86 the station ran a competition to guess the Christmas Number One. The prize - a pair of Mike Peter's underpants. Pirate station Radio Duck came on air to play 'all oldies, all the time'. Perhaps its fitting then, that the Christmas Number One of 1986 was 'Reet Petite' by Jackie Wilson. A 'golden oldie'.
UPDATE - Duck is Back!
Huey Lewis and the News' 'The Power of Love' is playing as we hop in the DeLorean and tap a new date into the time control. Instantly we jump forward 17 years to December 2003. Set the computer to www.radioduck.net . Broadcasting in clear digital stereo, the Duck paddles across the big pond and beyond powered by its world wide webbed feet. They may have had their transmitter stolen, but no-one's gonna steal the internet from them! So now welcome listener, continue the story, because the music's just a moment away on Duck hot hits... click here now!


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